Reg Partington

Reg Partington

Sales Executive: VIC - Melbourne

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Service: Motels, Caravan Parks, Manufactured Home Estates

Area: Lower half of Victoria and Melbourne including Ballarat, Geelong, Mt Gambier adjoining Barry Bolwell to the West and Tasmania

Experience: Following 24 years in banking and IT, Reg owned and operated two aged care facilities over eight years. These successful endeavours brought him to the accommodation industry owning and operating a major 60-room corporate property.

Reg also spent a number of very productive years selling real estate in the highly competitive premium Brighton market in Melbourne. Reg considers his professional hallmarks to be persistence, personal integrity, a polished communicator and a street wise net worker.

Reg is very familiar with all the jigsaw pieces of Victoria, having spent more than an overnight in most of them. He lives in Melbourne and enjoys the city and all it has to offer. He is acutely aware of its power to encourage both domestic and international tourism.

Reg has developed a strong understanding of the dynamics of the accommodation industry from the perspective of a buyer, seller and operator, an understanding that can assist prospective clients.

Reg believes in the underlying strength of the Victorian accommodation industry to push through these recent challenging times and sees many potential opportunities for buying, then building high worth businesses over the coming years.


Reg and Co.

The purchase and sale of properties will always be critical times for vendors and purchasers alike. And in critical moments it is vital to surround yourself with good people who have your back and provide the support to safely traverse what can be demanding and emotional times, fraught with...

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Listing our Property

Hi Reg, You and your team have done a particularly good presentation of our business.  It looks so good we wonder why we are selling? Seriously, well done and hopefully it will help achieve the result we both desire. Regards, P, S and K...

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