Why Buy A Motel, Caravan Park or Management Rights?

A motel lease, management rights or caravan park for sale will offer a number of opportunities, the question is very much what is the best for you and why?

 They are all regarded as excellent options for new operators to get into the motel, management right or caravan park, pub and hotel industries as they offer the operators and owners a number of benefits that are not typically available in the other opportunities.  These opportunities are about allowing the operators the rewards that come from what they do best, promoting, managing and optimising a business.  For a number of reasons, some of which include high returns, saleability, low capital outlay and secure tenure some prefer leasehold properties rather than freeholds, but both offer opportunity.

Some leases offer either a stepping stone in some instances or a cashflow, especially when operators who may not be able to afford a freehold that they like and are happy with, but can manage a property extremely well, are able to secure and manage a number of properties, spreading market profile and build opportunities.  this allows a specialist to lease the business with a high return and for the freehold of the property to be owned and retained by a static investor who may not necessarily wish to operate a business but has confidence in the property and or the Industry.

A large number of motel buyers like the buyers of management rights, caravan parks, RV parks, Hotels, Pubs and Manufactures Home Estates are now looking at opportunities for sale on a lease basis, not as a stepping stone to get into a freehold, but as an opportunity to make high profits and returns, over a shorter period of time. Cash is king and these offer opportunities to obtain a share.

As professional Brokers, we are able to offer a number of opportunities and we are continually attempting to work with the industries and market segments to grow the market for motel leases for sale, management rights for sale, caravan parks for sale, manufactures home estates for sale, Hotels for sale and pubs for sale with demand growing.

From first time motel, management rights, caravan parks, manufactures home estates, hotels and pub operators looking to get into the industry, through to the more experienced operators who have owned and operated both freehold motels and leasehold motels in the past, we are able to offer a comprehensive service and assist you in locating what is the best opportunity available for you.

Motel sales, management right sales, caravan parks sales and hotel and pub sales continue to rise as more and more people discover the benefits that a markets and opportunities for either freeholds or leases can offer.  Leases were historically through of as, not as secure as freeholds, which is correct from a bricks and mortar point of view, however, motel leases today are seen by many as having just as good tenure as freehold and are comparable to other lease opportunities with clear contracts in place for security and the ability to attract bank finance for the purchase of them.  Even some of the major banks treat a long term lease as being as good as freehold tenure, and as a reflection of this, motel leases, management rights and caravan parks all create opportunities for you.


For more details on any of the opportunities, please contact any of the Tourism Brokers team.