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If you are a genuine Prospective Purchaser or Lessee, and you would like to obtain additional information in respect of any listing ofTourism Brokers, PLEASE COMPLETE THE CONTACT US FORM BELOW. It is a requirement that you agree to this Confidentiality Agreement below in order to request information on a property. Tourism Brokers will respect the discreet nature of your enquiry, as we do for all our clients.

To: Tourism Brokers Pty Ltd & Tourism Brokers (QLD) Pty Ltd trading asTourism Brokers 
Centralised Administration 32  - 34 Lamorna Avenue
Beecroft NSW 2119

Ph: 1300 512 566 (International +61 2 9872 9943)
Fax: 1300 571 479 (International +61 2 9872 1464)


Having declared in general principle, that I/we have a genuine interest in Tourism Brokers listing/s, I/we now request that, in your capacity as broker for the Vendor, you supply us with a copy of a current “Information Memorandum” (the “Memorandum”) or similar, describing the requested listing/s in further detail. I/we undertake that the Memorandum or similar additional information, will be used for no purpose other than to assist me/us in determining whether I/we/our client wish to purchase or lease the said business/property listed. [note, if you are a professional adviser or similar acting on behalf of a client or some third party, you are required to nominate your client’s name below]. I/we agree that the Memorandum and any other information or material made available to us (written, verbal or otherwise) via Tourism Brokers or the Vendor or their Solicitors, will remain strictly confidential.

To maintain the confidentiality of the information and material made available to me/us, I/we agree as follows;

a) The information and material will only be distributed on a “need to know basis” to me/us, our senior executives or directors of our company, and /or professional advisers and financiers to my/our company, and I/we shall take responsibility that all parties involved will be bound to and will adhere to the terms of this agreement.

b) Any copies made of the information and material will only be for the purpose of internal communications and that a system will be instituted to facilitate the recovery of any such copies.

c) To undertake to return all information and material (including any additional copies) toTourism Brokers.

This undertaking shall not apply to information and material that;

a) At the time of provision or disclosure, or subsequently (through no fault of me/us) becomes in the public domain.

b) Was already known to me/us before the date thereof.

c) Is subsequently provided or disclosed to me/us by a third person who has the right to provide or disclose same.

d) Is disclosed by me/us pursuant to any law or order of any court, of any governmental agency or other regulatory body with whose instructions me/us are bound to comply with.

Although I/we understand that Tourism Brokers Pty Ltd, Tourism Brokers (QLD) Pty Ltd trading asTourism Brokers and the Vendor and their Solicitors believe that the material to be provided is accurate to the best of their knowledge, I/we acknowledge that no representation or warranty has been made or given as to the accuracy or completeness of any information or material obtained. I/we agree that neither Tourism Brokers nor the Vendor or their Solicitors have any liability to me/us or any of our advisers or representatives, arising from the selection or use of the information or material by me/us and any associates.


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